Friday, December 28, 2007

Big Brass Ones

Dear NFL Network:

Thank you for finally capitulating and letting us have the Patriots-Giants game this Saturday. Yes, it's a travesty that the mean, old cable operators won't let us have the NFL Network in our basic sports tier as you insist. And just because you only have 8, now 7 actual football games this year is no reason to diminish the value of the channel you provide. Since the NFL is so popular and successful, you certainly should have the right to tell other people how to run their business.

It's tough to know which side to hate more in this one: the greedheads at the NFL or the greedheads at the cable company. It's like if the Nazi's took on the Terrorists in a war. Who would you root for? Probably the Red Cross to do a really poor job on the wounded.

But seriously, guys. Taking out a full page ad in the USA Today today entitled NFL Network - Putting Fans First really takes some cojones. That's almost as good as Microsoft's popup blocker that I had to turn on to block all the Microsoft ads. Create a problem, then act like a hero when you solve it. That's marketing genius, kids.

If the NFL Notwork really wanted to put fans first, they wouldn't make us endure Bryant Gumbel's lame attempt at calling a game. Bryant Gumbel, a guy so hated even his mother and brother don't like him.


Gideon said...

I totally agree about Bryant Gumbel! What a pompous A**! I haven't liked him since BYU won the National Championship back in 1984, and he said BYWho? He also made some kind of snarky comment about Podunkville too. I thought it was a bit of poetic justice when CBS paired him with Jane Clayson, who is of course a BYU alum.

Enjoy your game tomorrow, and have a Happy New Year!!

Elsa said...

I picked up the NFL Network last month so I could watch the Packers v. Dallas game and have watched most of the Thursday and Saturday games and have noticed that Bryant Gumbel isn't the most knowledgable announcer. Good think Chris Collinsworth is there to make corrections! And how about them Pats!! (Sorry, can't help myself, I'm still celebrating...I just hope they can make it all the way.)

Elsa said...
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