Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Throwing My Beret In the Mix

If you haven't heard, some crazy cat broke into Mary Tyler Moore's house in Minneapolis, MN over the weekend.

Okay, it wasn't really Mary's house, but it was the house that was always used for the exterior shot during the credits on her old show.

Police found the 24 year old man asleep with the television on. No word on whether he was watching Nick at Night.

I'll bet Lou Grant would have kicked his ass if he'd have found the scofflaw in Mary's bedroom.

Now if you've been reading this site for more than five minutes, you know I wouldn't go this far without a goofy list. Thanks for playing along kids.

Here are the reasons the burglar broke into Mary's house:
  • Didn't break in, Phyllis let him in
  • Was invited to one of Mary's great parties
  • Wanted to see if she could actually turn the world on with her smile
  • His beret landed on the roof
  • Photo trip gone awry
  • Just trying to sublet 119 N. Weatherly
  • Met Rhoda at a bar
  • Heard that love was all around (track 15)
  • Bad directions from Ted

I can't help it. The phrase "A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down the pants" still makes me smile to this day.

Man, I miss Chuckles the Clown.