Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And They Called It Puppy Love

I didn't want to write about this before because I didn't want to jinx it. We've been expecting for a while, but you never know what can go wrong.

That's the BIG SWEETIE (insert dog voice here) Guinness the Wonder Dog, a 40 lb, 4 month old, Australian Labradoodle. I remember when they were just called mutts. He should top out around 90 pounds so I plan to start riding him to work in a few weeks. He's currently sleeping a few feet away but sends his regards.

Now I initially resisted the acquisition of a dependent because it's all I can do to make the drycleaners and the bank in a single day. I'd have been a shitty pioneer.

I figure, I don't currently have to pick up poop in a given day. So any poop that is introduced into our relationship is the Wife's responsibility. And Guinness is so smart, he's already made Wife learn a new trick: "poop picking up."

We've been to one dog training class where Guinness is clearly the valedictorian. Of course we had a chihauhau that just shook the whole class, a chocolate lab that tried to chew everything and a poodle with a serious bipolar disorder. It's kind of like being the Grand Marshall of the Dork Parade.

I really can't believe this guy is a puppy. He may be the reincarnation of Bob Marley. He's really mellow and always hungry. Sounds like a Rasta Man to me. Irie, mon.

Any tips for teaching him how to drive or go fetch a six pack from the store will be appreciated.


Kim said...

Aw, he's adorable and love the name. I've almost got Killian trained to go to the store. I send him for beer and he comes back with Zima. He's a little girly.

Congrats on the addition!

Wicked H said...

A hearty welcome to Guinness. With a name like that, training him to retrieve beer will be a snap.

Or, you can ask Guineess to train your Wife. He already has the poop thing down.

kris said...

Um, Kim? I'M the one you trained to come back with Zima. Drunk ass.

He's adorable. We have similar hair, actually. My natural color, last seen in '87, of course.

latt├ęgirl said...

And all the girls go AAWWWWWW!


What a gorgeous pup. And to think I only first heard of Labradoodles in the past six months.

Thought he was a Royal Poodle at first, but this mix will do just fine. Big poodles are the best.

Reigning Frog said...

Very very cute! I must admit, I would have expected a name like K-Fed or Justintimberlake instead of Guinness, but I see where you're going with it.

You could put a barrel of beer on his collar like a St. Bernard with rum. Self serve?

Kate the Peon said...