Monday, September 25, 2006

Overlooked by the Academy

In Gallatin, TN, the Honorable Don Wright is in a bit of hot water. Seems he let the makers of a local movie use the his office for a bit of filming. The movie? Thong Girl 3: Revenge of the Dark Widow of course.

I'll confess to having missed Thong Girl 1 & 2. But I've got a feeling with a title like Thong Girl (WARNING, that's a noisy link but totally worth it), picking up the series mid-stream probably isn't that difficult. I'll doubt the plot is as complex as Memento or Adaptation.

You can even watch the trailer for Thong Girl 2 online. And if you do, don't say I didn't warn you. With great acting and plot like that, you can see why something this good would have to be a trilogy. Too bad Peter Jackson was busy. The film reportedly has " no nudity, no cussing and no sex" according to its maker. That just leaves crappy special effects and bad acting then.

I'm sure you're well acquainted with Thong Girl's alter ego, Lana Layonme, who went shopping at a lingerie store one day and put on a pair of red thong underwear, which gave her magical powers. Please note that I have not made any of this up. In the latest adventure, she's trying to thwart a plot to destroy country music. Wait a minute, I'm not certain who I'm supposed to be rooting for now.

But if you're looking for a cheap and creative Halloween costume, you probably can't go wrong with Thong Girl. Especially if you're a fat, hairy guy.


Wicked H said...


nobich said...

Thong girl to the rescue!!! I love it- where do you find this stuff??

Kate The Great said...

Does Thong Girl have a partner named Captain Banana Hammock?

Oh, I really could run with this idea...

Glen Weiss said...

Your readers have the right idea. Lighten up, dude! It's campy, silly fun. Don't you ever watch SNL or MAD TV? Same thing without a budget. This is what filmmakers with no money do with their time. When I'm ready to film Othelo I'll call you for a review.

t2ed said...


I obviously came across as serious in my mocking of Thong Girl. My limited writing skills are probably to blame.

I want to see Thong Girl. In fact, from what I could see in the trailer, I want to see a lot more of Thong Girl. I think we need the film available for download at iTunes.

And idea based upon magic lingerie, I'm fully behind.

I just think it's amusing that mayor caught grief for allowing the filming. If it was just violent, we're okay with it in this country. If it's sexy, it's somehow wrong. Bah.

And I could never do Othello. I only do action and buddy comedies -- no dramas.

Long Live Thong Girl!