Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Are You Sure It's Not Monday?

How come on Labor Day everyone skips work?

Man it sure feels like a Monday around here. Kids are back to school, everyone is walking around with a logy look on their face and it's still pretty quiet. Why is this post so random? I blame the four day weekend.

Crikey, it's sad about Steve Irwin. At least he was doing what he loved--stalking an animal with a camera crew in tow for a great show. I've held a stingray before. They're really gentle creatures. It was just a freak accident, but Steve will be missed.

It was good to watch college football again last weekend. Hope the right teams won the games you were watching. It's such a shame Miami had to lose that great game to Florida State. Wait, no it's not. I hate the Hurricanes and their ruffians. I also love when Chief Osceola comes riding out on his horse and throws the spear into the field. As much as I love Sparty, throwing the flaming war spear into the field falls just short of actually throwing feces at the other team. It's that awesome.

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