Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

I warned you last week so you'd best be prepared, me buckos.

In something that's sure to make you laugh out loud at first and then become decreasingly funny as the day goes on, it's National Talk Like a Pirate Day. By 5:00 pm, you'll actually want to use a cutlass on any co-worker who makes that damn annoying ARRRRR voice again.

Unless you go to Brown University, then you can't get enough of it.

And yes, I do stay up late on National Talk Like a Pirate Day's Eve and get to open just one cask of rum early. Right after we're done hanging our peg legs by the fireplace.

What is Richard Harris' greatest hit? Mac Arrrrrthur Parrrrk

What are a pirate's favorite kind of sock? Arrrrgyle

What is a pirate's favorite restaurant? Arrrrrby's

Why do pirates love "A Christmas Carol?" Jacob Marrrrley

Why do pirates like sea chanties so much? They get to arrrrdition for the part.

What religion do pirates practice? Rastafarrrrrianism with Bob Marrrrley

Where do pirates vacation? Key West

Did you hear about the new pirate movie? It's rated arrrrrrr.

What is a pirate's favorite college football team? Arrrrrrmy (you'd think it would be Navy)

Why don't pirates own dogs? All the barrrrking

Why do pirates love Riverdance? It's Iiiiiiiiirish.

Why do pirate love Frank Lloyd Wright? He was an arrrrchitect.

How do the scalawags stay so thin? They do Pi-rat-es.

Okay, I'll shut up now. Now get your name and post it for all to flee in terror.


Jolly Mon


Wicked H said...

Cheers to you matey....Arrrrrrrr!

Me pirate name, The Lone Drinker.

Kate The Great said...

I did my pirate name, and it's Can't-Remember-Where-the-Damn-Treasure's-Buried Shakira.

nobich said...

A pirate walked into the bar with a steering wheel sticking out of his pants. The bartender said you have a steering wheel sticking out of your pants the pirate said arrrh
its driving me nuts!!!!!

Foundme said...

Neck-Snapper Nancy, here! I got nothing, but the news/weather guy already beat this into my head!

Still, as long as pics of Johnny Depp show up, it can be dress like a monkey day for all I care!

snackiepoo said...

My network was down yesterday, so I never got a chance to post this!