Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Go See This Guy

I forgot to mention that last week Wife and I went to see a show.

This guy has it going on. And his band Silvertone (who he's been with for 20 years) does too.

Now I'm not crazy about the slow stuff. I like good old rock and roll. You know, the kind none of the bands play anymore: hammerin' surf guitars, a bit of wah wah organ and straight-ahead drumming. But Chris does more than a little rock and rollin'.

He did a cover of "I Want You to Want Me" that had me thinking I was at Budokan. And he did Roy Orbison's Only the Lonely." Unlike most singers, Chris actually has the range to pull it off.

He also absolutely rocked on "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing." This included an introductory story about the bass player that confirmed Rollie is a bad, bad man.

The entire show was fun, witty, engaging and rockin'. He's a star who doesn't know he's a star.

Oh, and he brought girls up on stage to dance. And when they couldn't dance, he mocked them.
Yes, he is my hero.

But I don't know Anson wasn't playing keyboard...


Spinning Girl said...

He rocks my little planet.

kris said...

I love this man.

angelatee said...

Thanks! You're post reminded me that I have none of his stuff on my iPod.

Uh, it's my birthday today!!!!!

Kate the Peon said...

Anson, snicker. Whatever happened to that show?

t2ed said...

KTP: I think they just kind of quit doing the show. I hope it makes it out to DVD.

They may be having trouble with the music rights, but if Saved By the Bell is on DVD, the Chris Isaak Show surely should be.

I also didn't see Yola anywhere at the show.

Elsa said...

I've never seen Chris Isaak in concert, but have heard that he's pretty good.

BTW, you can take that broom of yours and ride back home on it. Or give it back to the Chicago White Sox so they can use it again after they play Detroit ;) Just kidding. I'm glad Boston was able to win tonight. And it was painful to watch last night. Very painful.