Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Everyone Get Right With the Lord

I don't want to say the end of days is upon us, but you explain this.

Paris Hilton says of her album, "I, like, cry, when I listen to it, it's so good."

If that's not the beginning of the end, I don't know what is.

Paris, like, so good doesn't begin to describe it. I cry when I hear your album too. But it's not just tears. It's stomach cramping, a feeling like knitting needles are being shoved in my ears, my hands tingle like they've gone to sleep and my testes shrink up into my body like I'm in the Polar Bear Club.

I can't, like, wait for Nicky Hilton's album.


SarahReznor said...

i, like, wanna throw up when i think about her.

Wicked H said...

Oh? So, like, she isn't HAWT anymore? Bummer. With all the STDs no wonder she is giving up sex for a while....might explain the crying. Just sayin...

rather pass a kidney stone said...

Her music/voice is like a 4th grade orchestra concert, you clap at the end, not because it was good, but because it's over!