Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack Me Amadeus

I'll confess to missing the entire gushfest yesterday. I'm not one for ceremonies. Much less long ones with lots of speeches. Somewhere, I'll bet Joe Biden is still talking. Good luck folks. Here are the keys to the Titanic.

Top 10 Things Overheard in DC Yesterday

10) I'm sure Hillary's Presidential Balls would have been much bigger. And brass.
9) No Senator Kennedy, you can't drive.
8) My wife is Secretary of State and will be out of town for 6 months this year. I'm at the Marriott by the way.
7) You can stay until Spongebob is over, Mr. Former President. Then I call the Secret Service.
6) What do you mean I need a deposit for the utilities? It's the White House!
5) Cheney was alone in here. Count the china.
4) No Justice Thomas, I don't want to "bang your gavel."
3) I heard a 10 year old boy from Indiana got his tongue frozen to Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
2) Global warming my ass. If I see Gore, I'm taking a swing.
1) For the last time, girls. We can't take the motorcade through the drive through.

Enjoy the pageantry, kids. It's the closest we'll get to a coronation until the Super Bowl is over.


Wicked H said...

I did not make it to the Gushfest, work gets in the way. However, I did make it to the We Are One concert. Totally worth it.

Happy Days are Here Again!

Anonymous said...

I watched it on and off throughout the day. The one part I actually wanted to see--the swearing in--took place at the exact moment I had to start my first class of the term. Boo. Thankfully, we have a ridiculously over-zealous media, so I was able to watch it online later.

Arjewtino said...

My favorite randomly overheard sentence on Tuesday:

"Do you like cashews?"

Kate said...

I only watched for the dresses.