Monday, January 12, 2009

Anarchy in the UK

Sorry about the title kids. It's the only thing on my iPod that I could come up with from The Alarm.

Anyway, we scored one of those swell, new, jim dandy, home security systems recently. This despite the recent statistic in the paper here that one in 25 people roaming our streets out here are packing heat. Yes, 4% of our population has an undercover gun permit. So when you combine that with the statistic that 25% of our populace has some form of mental illness, it makes for good times. No wonder we have gun shows out here. That's just good marketing. Although I can't really disagree with the latest road rage incident we had. It involved the freeway, some gunplay and someone texting. I completely understand.

The best thing is that we got the ADT system for free. They were just wandering by and throwing them at people. That's because the monitoring service is where you really get your value.

If the alarm goes off, the local police get a little ring a ding ding and they send someone over to ask why you can't remember your own access code. Because there's nothing better than explaining your memoric failings to The Man.

I wasn't initially in favor of the new alarm. But then the Wife (aka The Brains of the Operation) pointed out to me that our current alarm system based upon the fuzzy, hairy, biting platform would probably be too busy eating their giant rawhide candy cane (instead of each other for a change) to actually defend the house. That and they'd rather bark at harmless passersby or the doorbells they hear on tv. And if an intruder ever had bacon, forget about it. All three of us would fall for that one.

It does seem like alarm systems have come a long way. I remember my parents having one. It would go off when the paper boy threw the morning delivery and it hit the door. Wow, there's nothing like waking up to 130 decibels of electronic screech. That's better than any snooze alarm.

Now I've just got to remember to turn off the alarm before I let the whizzers out in the morning. I'm sure both the local police and my neighbors would appreciate that in the future. Sorry. I'm not really awake until the Diet Coke has kicked in and I've had time to process the ESPN ticker scores. So you can thank me for getting your week off to an exciting start.


foundinidaho said...

Is there crime rampant in southern SL County of which I am unaware?

That said, my dog would totally show where the valuables are for a dog treat. And help someone carry things out for another one.

Anonymous said...

So, basically, if the burglar walked past the house and rang the doorbell, the dogs would be all over the guy? I know if I wanted to break into a house, I'd definitely ring the doorbell. I like to give everybody some warning.

I might, however, be mauled by cuteness! Holy cow, those are cute dogs.

Roxrocks said...

I thought my dear Tazzy would be the same way with an intruder type, you know, jump all over them because he's just happy to see someone that isn't ME. However! The other night, we were curled up by the fire in the big comfy chair and Derwood came downstairs. Taz had no idea he was home. He came UNSTAPLED! It was quite a sight to see!

That being said, your country needs some gun laws. This isn't the wild, wild west anymore!

los_tartist said...

Hi just popping in. I found your blog through kitkat, and I like it! And she's right, your dogs are frikin adorable!