Thursday, November 06, 2008

Backfield in Motion

You'll probably want to go ahead and set up your Swivel Search for this now. If you hadn't heard, Keyshawn Johnson is getting his own tv show.

Who, you may be asking, the hell is Keyshawn Johnson?

He's a current talking head on ESPN after having been a wide receiver in the NFL for 11 years. He played for the Jets, Cowboys, Buccaneers and Panthers if you care for some reason. He was kind of famous for a while for yelling at another player on the sideline of a game. I think he may also have invented the Plantar Fasciitis injury. He eventually pissed off his coach so much (Jon Gruden aka Chuckie) that Gruden made him inactive for the last 8 games of the season to teach him a lesson. Obviously one that didn't take.

Anyway the show is called Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design. Yup, Keyshawn is going to get a tv show about interior design. It'll be on A&E with that lot of home improvement shows. I don't watch as I don't crave depression.

You may be asking, why what are Keyshawn's qualifications as an interior designer? Well he did attend USC and got a degree in history in 1996 (if you believe TV Guide anyway). And he has stayed in "some of the best hotels in the world" and read some architecture books. So that probably makes him as qualified to do interior design as it does to announce for ESPN.

Anyhoo, before we adopted the tactic of excessive punctuation for tv show titles (you know, like Denise Richards: It's Complicated or Nip/Tuck), here was the short list of show titles for Keyshawn:

  • Tschotckeyshawns
  • Inferior Lineman
  • Tackling Chapter 7
  • Trojan House Design
  • Footballers to the Wall
  • A Buccaneer in my Buckin' Home
  • Referee Shui
  • Decorate Man Line
  • Football Fantasy Retreat
  • Design With Your Inner Johnson

I'm sure Keyshawn will bring many bold ideas to home design. Things like excessive use of decorative pom poms, urinals, that locker room smell and Personal Seat Licenses for your couch. Oops, I think Danny Snyder just stole that idea to make me watch Redskins games at home.

If you have any other ideas for Keyshawn's new show, pass them along to him directly. I'm sure they'll appreciate all the feedback.


foundinidaho said...

Hey, you've got a SPAM troll! I don't want any blinds, thanks.

I can't stand Keyshawn Johnson. That's almost as bad as giving Terrell Owens his own show. It's bad enough they allowed Deion Sanders on TV.

Oh, and lest ye think I'm racist, I don't like Jeremy Shockey either.

There, I think I'm done for now.

t2ed said...

Silly comment spammer. Obviously they know nothing about how much traffic this blog gets.

I hate most of the former jock talking heads. Emmitt may be the worst.