Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I don't want to pile on the Detroit Lions. Well, yes, I do. One of the worst franchises in all of sports. Run by a rich, old owner who apparently doesn't give a damn about whether the team wins or loses. Currently winless in the NFL and with a chance at history as the first team to go 0 and 16 in a season.

Enjoy your first loss of the season Tennessee Titans. Don't worry, you'll get right back on track with the Lions this Thursday.

How bad is it for the Lions?

After the loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday (including blowing a 17 point lead), fans have taken to half-naked wrestling in the parking lot.


Boy, those guys could use a Lipovox prescription couldn't they?


foundinidaho said...

I'm 5 - 6 and I'm frustrated. I can't imagine what you feel like.

I've said it before - it will take time to undo what Matt Millen hath wrought. I think I'm just starting to see what Ted Thompson's screwed up.

t2ed said...

The worst part was that Fox forced you to watch the Lions games because that was the home market.

Of course, that was when they were selling out.

It's kinda fun to see highlights of the train wreck and the coach assuring the media every week that all is well.

Anonymous said...

There's one very easy solution to all of this: stop watching football!

Those guys in the video are so hot.