Thursday, November 13, 2008

Once Bit Twice Shy

If you recently got a law degree from Baylor University, you're in some august company. No matter what the employment industry says, we can never have too many lawyers.

This lawyer is special though. He's a dog.

Yes, Skeeter, a black labrador retriever, has been "attending" law school with his mistress Amy Jones ever since she was injured in an accident. Too bad he's not a beagle. Because then he'd be a legal, ah nevermind. Way too easy.

When Amy got her law degree, Skeeter also received an honorary degree. Awww, I'm sure he's a big sweetie. Please say that aloud in your best dog voice just to annoy your fellow cube dwellers.

And according to the story, sometimes Skeeter would even growl during a professor's lecture. Personally, I'd have used that growl to scare the profs off from calling on me. Or maybe just a little errant tinkle to let the prof know how much we appreciate their attempts at humor. Yes, I'm talking to you, Professor Dobbs.

I wonder what kind of cases Skeeter will take?
  • Dog bites (of course, he's a natural)
  • Divorce (wouldn't you like to sic an attack dog on your soon to be ex?)
  • Drug possession prosecution (he can sniff out the guilty party)
  • Principal & Agency (he's used to dealing with the discharge of a fiduciary duty)
  • Medical Malpractice (who'd be better at dealing with doctors than someone who's been neutered?)

He'd be a lousy negotiator though. You could get anything you want if you just rub his belly. Surprisingly, this is the same tactic the NFL used with former Player's Association executive director, Gene Upshaw.


foundinidaho said...

Hell, I'd sick him on my 14 years ago ex. He could use a good bulldog bite in the ass.

Roxrocks said...

My dog eats his own poop. He should get a law degree too!


Cat said...

Legal beagle! I always chuckle when I "hear" that, I have no idea why. I'm a sucker for dog-related rhymes, I guess.