Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Every Picture Tells a Thousand Stories

If you're going to be anywhere near Hailey, Idaho, be sure to check out the Chester Jakes restaurant in the Mint Bar. Because that's where all the action was happening on Halloween. At least for Lori Brutsche-Ely.

It seems Lori was having a bit of fun on Halloween when it got out of control.

When a security guard told her he'd called the cops (and my favorite security guard joke: "Stop or I'll yell stop again!") Lori decided that would be the perfect time to take off her clothes in the bar.

Then when the cops came to get her, she punched one in the chest. That's typically a beating. Even if you are nakey.

Then when she got to the jail, she bit a deputy (bad dog, grrrrr). I suggest going with either the always popular "I pay your salary!" or frequent use of the term Barney.

Oh, and then Lori managed to set off the fire sprinkler and flood her cell. That's the trifecta.

You may also be shocked to learn that alcohol was involved. I'm very surprised given that mug shot above. That will make a great Xmas card.

Pat Dailey said it best. You don't have to be drunk to be an asshole. But it sure helps.


[F]oxymoron said...

There is no easy way of saying this... that bitch is crazy!

The Tourism authority in Hailey, Idaho has got some PR work on their hands...

Roxrocks said...

That could have been me, I'm glad I chose to stay home that night.

foundinidaho said...

Bruce Willis used to own The Mint...not sure if he still does. I witnessed a hilarious exchange one night between my drunken best friend, native of Hailey (or a small town close thereby), and Mr. Willis himself. He's pretty damn sharp. Of course, she was drunk and berating him for ruining her hometown.

Obviously, the clientele has gone downhill at bit since I was last there...oh around 10 years ago.

Arjewtino said...

Man, that sounds nearly identical to a couple of Bar Mitzvahs I've attended.

t2ed said...

I'm glad to hear that Bruno's tonguefoolery skillz haven't atrophied since his Moonlighting days.

foundinidaho said...

From now looking at the website, he must still own it. It's part of "Club Bruno".

The following exchange took place -you have to imagine a drunken Idahoan and, yes, a funny Bruce Willis speaking here.

Idaho: "Yer Bruce Willis...arentcha...:

Bruce Willis: "Yes, I am". Smirk.

Idaho: "Bet yer proud of yerself..." (please note, my friend is a nice, smart, well spoken person. She was a bit in her cups, if you will.)

Bruce Willis: "You must be a native."

I wanted to punch him, but I had to laugh my ass off.

t2ed said...

I would have asked Bruno why he didn't name of of his kids Boo.