Friday, January 18, 2008

Ramblin' Gamblin' Man

Things are finally, mostly, returning to a State of Normalcy in the Beehive State. Granted the movers must have a fork fetish as some of my cutlery has mysteriously disappeared. And along with all my wooden spoons. Police are bringing in the Cow for questioning. You know, the one who jumped over the mooooon. Wow, is that bad.

But cereally folks, I'm just about ready to open up my own online casino while I'm waiting for folks to respond to my Jobhunt 2008 Quest for Greatness.

But rather than let people vote on normal stuff (Packers v. Giants or the Pats v. Bolts), I'm going to go for really, really wild stuff.

Propositions like which month will Abe Vigoda die this year. Or something even more radical like how many reindeer live in your neighborhood? Think that's crazy do you?

Well just take a gander at the wildlife we have around here.

Yes, that's right around the corner from my house. An entire herd of what seem to be (to this Discovery Channel educated wildlife observer) as an actual reindeer rustled up on some guy's farm.
And while you probably can only see the mountains in the background, there are also buffalo in the pen beyond the deer. Truly we are not in the Midwest anymore, Toto. It's only a matter of time before I'm sporting those Western shirts with the pearl snap buttons and packing a six shooter, pard.
Obviously if the Fat Man from the North Pole keeps his stock down here in the offseason, I'm going to really have to be on my best behavior to make the Nice list next year. Damn.


RoxRocks said...

Those look like Elk to me, you sure they are reindeer? Are reindeer and elk the same thing? Have you ever tried Buffalo? Seriously, once you do, you won't go back to beef. It's awesome and all we eat.

For the record, there are no pearl snap buttons on any of our shirts. :)

Kim said...

You know that Abe Vigoda's never going to die, don't you?