Thursday, January 31, 2008

Master of My Domain

Today I'm actually writing about something I know something about. While this is against my general principles, consider this an experiment. It may be a success or it may be like that 10th grade chemistry class where I tricked my friend into holding magnesium. In his hand. Ouch.

Anyhoo, there's a real art to domain name registration. You need one that's not too long because peeps can't type it in correctly. While shorter is better (just like speeches and visits from family), it still has to be memorable and accurately describe what you're pimping. There's always other people to help you pick domains, but I figured these folks could use a little help.

Hillary Clinton:
John Edwards:
John McCain:
Rudy Guiliani:
Barack Obama:
Fred Thompson:
Mitt Romney:
George Bush:
Paris Hilton:
Any Winehouse:
Tom Brady:
Britney Spears:
David Hasselhoff:
Pacman Jones:
Angelina Jolie:
Harrison Ford:
Shia LeBouf:
The Chicago Cubs:

Feel free to play along from home, kids.


RoxRocks said...

LOL I love how your kooky mind works!

dunebuggy said...

I'd love to comment on your domain names. They're bloody brilliant. However, I can't get that Seinfeld episode out of my mind, and I wonder T2, are you really master of your domain?

Is there anyone out there who knows the truth?

Gideon said...

I already have the reputation of being a kill joy around here. So, how about a contest of who can be master or mistress of their domain the longest?

Anyone game?

T are you in?

Sleepless in Seattle said...

Gid, are you nuckin' futs?

What's your domain name... or

Here's a few more:
Washington State:

Idaho State:

Brad Pitt:

Elmer Fudd:

couldn't resist said...

Westminster Kennel Club:



Rosie O'Donnell:

Donald Trump:


Pamela Anderson:

Wonder Bread:

Cincinnati said...


I can't believe T2 has not put in his 2 cents worth yet. Could be he's still trying to master his domain.

Here's one I thought up--

Tennessee Valley Authority: