Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Darlin' You Know Just What I'm Here For

I'm a little bummed at my real estate agent. I can't believe he didn't tell me that this street was just around the corner from my new Shaque D'Amour.

Do you know how often I could have had the top down on the mobile with the best song ever cranked as I pulled into my driveway every night and made all the dogs in the neighborhood bark and pissed off all the neighbors? I'd have had the car stereo up so loud it would interfere with the assisted living software at the Old Fogies home around the corner.

And if you think I didn't have this song cranked when I finally got to look at Michigan in my rear view mirror, you don't know me very well. A town full of losers and I'm pulling of here to win indeed.

Now I've got to get in my Pink Cadillac and drive Rosalita out to the Ranch.

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Cincinatti said...

Great music links!! Some of my faves.

Pink Cadillac reminds me of an old boyfriend from high school. He introduced me to it. He was an awesome kisser! I wonder what he's up to now? Oh well, those were the Glory Days.