Friday, February 04, 2005

Where is Kramer When You Need Him

We have a great office team at Virtucon. Unfortunately, we can also look across our hall at the not so great teams. And we know they can see us. We're out in our open space: collaborating, adding value, talking about sex, thinking up new ways to make the world a better place one web site at a time.

Unfortunately, one of the people from across the hall saw us. She came over and realized it was okay to talk to other people at work, have fun, kick ass at your job and maybe even enjoy it. Naturally, when she'd return to her team across the hall, she'd just get frustrated at their drone-ishness.

And while she was really nice, she.. can I put this in a nice way? She had freaky hair. Marge Simpson hair, Betty Bouffant's do, a freakin' beehive hairdo from hell.

Despite our team's extremely direct nature, no one could bring themselves to tell her, "Why don't you change your hair?"

We had long discussions about who should do it. We tried getting everyone to draw straws. We even got into hairstylist discussions with her about where we got our hair done. Where do you get your hair done? You could feel the tension building in the air as we all danced around the subject of hair. But no one could pull the trigger. We were all too afraid of hurting her feelings. We needed a Cosmo Kramer.

She took another job at another company and is now gone. I'm wondering if her new co-workers are all sitting around trying to work up their courage to ask her about her hair.

How do you tell someone you don't know very well something they probably don't want to hear?


Kim said...

Just sign her up for one of those makeover shows that come and surprise her. You don't have to face her, she gets a free makeover, everyone's happy.

If that doesn't work, just don't tell her. Ignorance is bliss.

t2ed said...

Do'h. Makeover show would have been such a sweet idea. If the Queer Eye Guys can make it to England, they can make it to Michigan.

Of course I don't think Virgin Atlantic has a non-stop to our lil slice of Americana.

Kim said...

There's also a show called What Not to Wear on TLC that I love. They teach the person how to dress then give them a credit card with $5000. Then they redo their hair and makeup.

I say find her and sign her up.

t2ed said...

I love that show and the hosts.

If professionals ever tell me to dress a certain way and give me free money to do it, I promise not to revert to my old ways as soon as the cameras are out of sight.

drifter said...

Forget signing her up, sign me up. I could use the $5000 and being color blind, I need help with style.