Friday, February 18, 2005

Grey Goosed

In case you missed it, Retief Goosen is not playing in this week's PGA tour event, the Nissan Open at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles. He got disqualified for missing his tee time at the pro-am event on Wednesday at 6:40 am.

Apparently he overslept and a new rule this year states that if you miss a tee time in the pro-am, you're dq'ed. This rule is in place because most professionals notoriously hate playing with the amateurs.

The story gets even better though. On Tuesday night, Retief was the host at a party for his new sponsor Grey Goose Vodka. The LA Times is reporting that during the party he told reporters:

"I have never really drunk vodka, but I've had a few tonight. Somebody is going to have to drive me home."

What makes this story even better is that at the party, they passed out a press release and quoted Goose as saying:

"I have long enjoyed the smooth taste of Grey Goose vodka and am pleased to have the brand join my team of supporters as I play on tour. This will be a lot of fun."

I hate when the truth gets in the way of our public relations.

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