Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Even Gorillas Love Nipples

In San Francisco, two women are suing the Gorilla Foundation (home of Koko the allegedly sign language speaking ape) for being pressured to expose their breasts to bond with the animal.

It's true, I'm not making this up. Even Yahoo was reporting it so it has to be true.

If you're an AOL subscriber, you might remember that Koko hosted an online chat last year.

As an indication of Koko's nipple fixation, Stephen Sommers (the attorney filing the suit) said, "There's a history with this nipple thing," leafing through the chat transcript and pointing out the word "nipple" -- which he'd highlighted in pink -- each time it appeared.

Well if you're going to highlight the word "nipple" of course you'd use a pink highlighter.

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