Monday, February 21, 2005

Two Doors Down

We had so much snow in the Great Grey North that my Fabio-mobile (Chysler Sebring convertible so named by my buddy Dan) got stuck in the street two houses from mine this morning.

Luckily, I knew the guy whose house I was in front of. He dug me out and my car is currently sitting in his driveway while I wait for the snowplow to come down our street. They've plowed the main roads, but we've just got too much snow for my little car. I'll just get high centered if I try to go out again.

So I'm multi-crapping from home. Watching tube, doing work email, blogging, enjoying work in my jammies and downloading music to my I-pod. Wish I'd have thought of this before I went and got my car stuck at 7:00 am this morn.

Definitely have to buy Ryan (the guy who dug me out) a bottle of scotch as a thank you. Nothing says thank you like Johnny Walker Black.

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