Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Super Bowl Illing

I had to attend a going away soiree for a good friend of mine on last Friday. She's leaving Virtucon after 15 years. (A post on that topic will have to wait as I've been kicking it around for about 2 weeks now.)

So one of the co-hosts of the party is so sick that she can't even talk. But she can scurry around and fetch people stuff and she got me a frosty beverage. Two days later I'm sick with a sore throat and can't talk.

It kept me from yelling the following things at the tv on Super Bowl Sunday:

  • I'm $ure Brad Pitt ha$ hi$ rea$on$ for doing that ad.
  • Why is McNabb throwing another fucking interception.
  • Get off the fucking pylon cam and give me a goddamn real camera angle.
  • I don't care who you are, monkeys is funny.
  • Run the no huddle offense you fuck.
  • Belichick was no genius when he was in Cleveland.
  • The Patriots aren't a dynasty because they never cover the spread.

That was the most boring 3 point game in history. McCartney was the highlight of the whole game.

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