Friday, February 25, 2005

Dirty Little Secret

I absolutely love Survivor. While never watching the first one, I've been hooked ever since season 2.

It's silly and the truly deserving people never win. Unless you count Rupert. But then they had to make up another million dollar popular vote award so he could win.

They always gang up on the strongest people and vote them off way too early so that they're never a threat. If you're an ex-Navy pilot who teaches survival training, don't bother to unpack your bags. People just fly under the radar and snake into the finals having never one a challenge.

I typically don't like "reality tv" because it's not reality. Most of it's staged and not very well at that.

They should have the next Survivor in Central Park. Let a few yahoos try to camp out there and survive off of hot dogs lifted from cart men and avoid the muggers. Now that would be a challenge and the show would literally be about survival.

When I'm in staff meetings, I think about who I'd vote out of my meeting or how I'd apply Survivor rules to other shows. If they ever put the Queer Eye guys on Survivor, Jai is so gone.

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