Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ipodus Interruptus

I finally finished re-installing my operating system (Win XP) for the second time on my computer. What a pain. But I really think Gates wants you to do this about every year to keep your machine in tip top condition. You'll never get a virus or an identity theft if you're computer never connects to the internet.

So now I've got almost no software on my machine again. I'm combing through old boxes to find cd's to finish up the re-installation of the stuff I really use. Glad the old Blog is web-based and not machine-based.

Anyway, I also wound up blowing away my entire music library on my I-pod. I think it was when I had never upgraded the software (because I couldn't get to SP2) and when it finally did update, it whacked my old library. It was supposed to keep an old version of my library, but it didn't. I looked in the folder where it was supposed to be and there's nothing there.

That's a lot of work down the drain. Last time I checked, my pod had something like 4 days of music on it. Luckily it was mostly from my cd collection and not stuff I'd bought. I think I only lost an album or two. Clapton's last album was one of them. It was the only one I'd never bought in reality and only had virtually. I've learned a valuable lesson, Record Industry. I know you really want us to have bright shiny objects in our hands to listen to and not just data. I promise I'll go right to Amazon and order the CD.

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