Thursday, December 18, 2008


I don't know why I find this chart so hilar. But I do.

Maybe this means Santa will bring me all those video games I asked for this Xmas.

song chart memes
more music charts

And you thought the lists were bad....

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

And what if he owns a bunch of games but never plays them? And what if he never plays them because he's too busy watching internet porn? Heh.

Cat said...

I should be ok. Gray has, like, millions of them. And they aren't the manly games, either. They're all wrestling and stuff, and he spends entire weekends "building" wrestlers to look like his friends. Oh my god, I'm in love with a monogamous nerd child.

foundinidaho said...

It's very true. I'm glad it is too!