Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Half Assed Ideas

One of the advantages of working at a big company is that we have lots of half-assed ideas. Then, all these ideas get tossed into the hopper at team meetings where they have this wave dynamic effect and get even worse when other people have input.

Case in point:

Let's do some charity work as a team-building exercise!

Let's realize we can't agree on charities because some of us don't like Bible Thumping Charities!

Let's realize we're all too busy to take time off for this!

Let's do in on our own time so it won't interfere with work!

Let's realize we've got too much coming up to go together as a team!

Let's read to the blind inidividually!

I said I'd only read to the blind if it were Penthouse Letters.

And all of a sudden I'm not a team player. Guess I won't be able to spend my evenings with the team. My bad. And I used to never believe these stories were true until the most amazing experience happened to me. I was working late at a large, midwestern company....

I'm telling you the Blind would love that!

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PR Hits, misses and close calls said...

Good grief! Good post too. Congratulations, this made me laugh ALOT. But I do feel your pain (it's just that I can't stop laughing).