Monday, April 25, 2005

The List

If you remember Friends, there's a list of 10 people you're allowed to have a crack at even if you're in a relationship.

Because we were screwing around at work, we worked on our lists. We contemplated putting one "local talent" in the list as well, but figured we'd just get in to trouble.

Here (in no particular order) are my top ten along with a little commentary:

Elisha Cuthbert: The most perfect face and eyebrows in existance. She was in The Girl Next Door an absolutely stupid movie that I TIVO'ed just because she was in it and had to fast forward through just to scenes with her in it. And I still mostly watched with the sound off. She was also in Old School. Very pretty.

Lucy Lawless: Yes, from Xena the Warrior Princess. Tall, statuesque and athletic. I think she may be the X gen's Wonder Woman. Though I see she's in some crummy tv movie with locusts. That's enough to get you booted from the list.

Carey Lowell: Tall, short hair, really cute. I fell in love with her in the James Bond film License to Kill. Never watched her on Law & Order. Heard she's hooked up with Richard Gere. That may be enough to boot her as I don't think I've ever sat through a Richard Gere movie. Yes, this includes Pretty Woman. I wouldn't even see Primal Fear with Ed Norton because of the Gere Factor.

Minnie Driver: Maybe it's the accent, maybe it's the chin, but she's fab in my book. She smokes so this won't last between us. And she's trying that singing thing. What's up with that? Loved when she played a lil slut on Will & Grace.

Cybill Shepherd: Simply the best nose in the world. I'll still watch any episode of Moonlighting when she's on it even though they put her in such soft lighting it was like watching through shower glass. Supposed to be high maintenance. Again with the wanting to sign.

Natalie Portman: Another beautiful face. Do we see a trend here? Smart, cute, funny. Fell in love with her in Beautiful Girls when she had a small part and was very young. You could tell she was only going to get prettier as she grew up. Also really good in The Professional. Now everyone is in love with her because of Star Wars.

Daphne Zuniga: Beautiful eyes, skin, face. Was in the Funniest Movie Of All Time: The Sure Thing (when I fell hard for her). I still remember her from a few episodes of Family Ties where she had glasses (YUM) and had a crush of Alex. Couldn't bring myself to watch Melrose Place even with her.

Drew Barrymore: Great sense of humor questionable taste in men. Just my type! Any woman who would flash Dave on his birthday is tops in my book. I like here better as a blonde despite my penchant for brunettes. Great boobies.

Salma Hayek: Simply the best thing in After the Sunset. I first remember her from Fools Rush In with Matthew Perry. Man is she cute.

Keira Knightley: You'll know her as "the girl in Pirates of the Caribbean." Long dark hair, flashing eyes, great legs. She was also in Love Actually with really bad hair in my opinion. Now she's cut it and looks even worse. May be on the bubble.

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