Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This Way Please In Very Small Steps

Someone else has midgets on the brain and she's inspired me to relate my midget story.

My favorite restaurant hired a midget as it's host/greeter. He's stand on a box behind the counter so you couldn't tell he was short until he hopped down and led you to your table. And it always took people by surprise. And he did it intentionally because he loved the look on people's faces when they discovered he was short. He told me so.

Because I went there all the time and it was right by work, we became acquaintances. I wouldn't say friends, because we never hung out together, but we could bs back and forth in the restaurant when it was slow.

He loved to wear wild Hawaiian shirts. His nickname eventually became Baby Shoes and he called me Gulliver. One day he quit and I never saw him again. I like to think he's managing a chocolate factory somewhere.

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Kim said...

Oh, I just love midgets!