Monday, January 17, 2005

Return of the Giant Snow Penis

Response to the story about the Giant Snow Penis was phenomenal. By that, I mean some cranks wrote in complaining about it.

The only thing better than small town newspapers is the freaks who write letters to small town newspapers.

Best Quote: May God damn this newspaper for running the photo of the snow penis online.

I'm guessing that they ran the picture of the giant snow penis online and didn't have the balls (sorry, I'm shameless) to run it in the regular paper. And that's a shame because it would have doubled circulation. Plus, Police Whack Snow Penis was genius.

Now I'm certainly no theologian, but I think God has to have a sense of humor because of the platypus and the Cubs. And I think he'd get a chuckle or two out of a gigantic snow penis. After all, he made it snow, right?

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