Monday, January 17, 2005

The Iceman Cometh

This is my second post about our crappy weather in Michigan. Original intent was to discuss working in Public Affairs at Virtucon. Thus the title Flack & Proud. If you've seen The Committments you may recognize the reference.

So it's 1 freaking degree on my drive into Virtucon this morning. That's -17C for our metric friends playing along at home out there. Tapping on the dashboard did nothing to make it any warmer either.

My brother said that he can't believe I still live in the cold. Of course now he's replacing his roof after the old one blew away in the storms in California. Maybe Mr. Helper will keep his piehole shut now.

It's only going to be in the teens all week here. A good excuse to stay indoors and watch playoff football.


Kim said...

You need an excuse to stay inside and watch football?

t2ed said...

You're right, Kim.

There's no excuse for staying inside and watching the football games.

It simply must be done.