Friday, January 21, 2005

Do Your Duty -- Volunteer Now!

A professor in Canada is doing a research study to determine why women flash their breasts. I swear I'm not making this up. The research will be released at the World Congress of Sexology in July in Montreal. Make your travel plans now.

Mary Valentich from the University of Calgary's Faculty of Social Work is looking for women flashers during parades in Calgary when the Flames went to the Stanley Cup Final. As the National Hockey League is on an indefinite hiatus this year, Canadian folks are obviously glum and unflashed.

Anyway, apparently Professor V. wonders, "whether the booze and party atmosphere played a role."

Hmmmm, I'm guessing yes. Just a hunch.

If I'd have known that science would have given me a chance to talk to prospective female flashers, I'd have payed a LOT more attention in class.

No word on whether Prof. V intends to seek out Tara Reid, Drew Barrymore or Courtney Love. The latter two ladies immortalized in Late Night fame for flashing David Letterman during the show.

Now I know what Thomas Dolby was singing about in "She Blinded Me with Science."

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