Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fifth of Beethoven

Enjoy the marketing weasel made up faux holiday driven by the liquor companies, kids.

Wish I could say it better than the geniuses at someecards. But I can't.

Cinco de Mayo (and shouldn't all our holidays just be named after the date? So much simpler) is a Mexican celebration of a battle victory over the French.

I think we can all agree that defeating the French is something to be celebrated. No one has managed to defeat them before. Good thing Germany doesn't take this approach or there would be no Mercedes Benz.


foundinidaho said...

It's just an excuse to drink margaritas. An excuse I will utilize, by the way.

Roxrocks said...

May is such a hellish month of celebration! How does one keep up?!

LMc1381 said...

I didn't know what the hell Cinco de Mayo was honoring and I didn't really care... I drink margaritas any day of the week!

Angie said...

I live in predominantly Mexican neighborhood and no one seems to bat an eyelash on 5/5. However, they go completely APESHIT on the Fourth of July and set off muncipal grade fireworks in the street for two days straight. It's hilarious and frightening all at once.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so Mexico also has meaningless holidays just like we do? Who knew?