Monday, May 18, 2009

Beach Bound

Well, we're back. A week in Paradise. Those poor people. No, I'm not talking about having to endure the Padres. It's that same, boring, terrible, perfect weather every day. 72 and sunny. How does the weatherman keep from blowing his brains out?

Hit the major highlights: Zoo, Wilderness Park, da beaches, nice restaurants. And what a treat just to be able to walk to good stuff instead of having to drive all over the Valley when you want to go somewhere. Pix will follow in some type of organization. They're still uploading as we speak, type, or whatever.

That's not to say there wasn't any excitement on the excursion. We did get to see a real live, beach-type bust.

These two gentlemen pulled up one afternoon while we taking a bit of a beverage break on our veranda.

Then they proceeded around the corner where we couldn't see them anymore. Rather than actually get up to see what might be going on, it was much more fun to guess what might be the reason the cops were on patrol: purse snatching, armed robbery, dope distribution, unleashed dog, failure to recycle, undertipping, smoking in public, lop-sided implant exposure, placebo ephedra pills distribution, or wave encroachment. You know the usual crime sprees in California.

But it turned out to be much, much worse.
Yup, operation of a motorized vehicle on the beach walkway. Scofflaw! The SDPD always gets their man.
Even when they've got to pursue his minibike on foot.
Way to go, men. Keeping the streets, er, boardwalks safe for old people everywhere.


foundinidaho said...

I love San Diego. Hell, that weatherman is probably the happiest man on Earth because his forecast is actually correct.

Roxrocks said...

They needed two cops? Oy!

Glad you're back!