Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dog Poetry

Guinness the Wonder Dog is turning out to be a canine of many talents. Not only has he learned to ring the bells we hung on the door, he now rings the bell just to mess with Wife & I.

So I wasn't completely surprised when I found the following note in his crate. I'm just trying to figure out how he held the pen to write it.

The Provider returns!
Bringing freedom from my confinement.
Gallop to the door
and release my golden flow.
Rich smells assault my senses.
At night the interlopers
Have left their spoor in my domain.
Squirrels! Curse your evasive agility.
Heeding the Provider's call,
I begin my repast
Some day I will have thumbs
Then I will eat at my choosing.
Another outdoor exploration
The Provider enforces
My servitude with bondage.
Enjoy picking that up.
A wee one!
They are often clumsy and drop food
In tribute to my majesty.
Alas, there is no steak sandwich today.
Into my den I stalk,
Deign to nap, later walk.
Sure a dog who writes poetry is something, but I'm not that impressed with his rhyme scheme.


foundme said...

A treadmill WOULD do you some good. I think you've got the same Cesar Millan fixation I have, ha! I'm all about being the PACK LEADER!

My dog has figured out to jump on the couch and check out what I was doing there as SOON as I leave the room, meaning I can't leave my dog alone in the living room now! ARG!

But at least she doesn't write poetry. I am thankful for that.

Misplaced said...

Dogs write the cutest things.

Wicked H said...

Seriously! I think a trip to The Letterman show is in order.

t2ed said...

Foundme: I'll have Guiness give your pup a lesson.

Misplaced: You can get a French Poodle you know.

Wicked: It happened at night. I think he might be camera shy.