Tuesday, April 17, 2007

At Least Vote Often

I'm sorry to say that I didn't hear about this great experiment in democracy, until now. That's right, the Great State of Indiana is letting us interweb kids help decide what their new license plate should look like. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that plan.

And while I don't want to influence your vote, I picked the one that looks most like a penis torch. Unfortunately, you can only vote until this Wednesday. So get to it!

But what the swell Department of Motor Vehicles (motto: Some Days the Line Never Moves At All) forgot to include was a vote for that little slogan that goes on the bottom of the license plate.

So I helpfully submitted a list of possibilities for them to choose from:
  • Land of Letterman
  • At Least It's Not Iowa
  • Jesus It's Flat Here
  • That Smell Is Terra Haute
  • We Really, Really Like Basketball
  • Hoosier Momma?
  • Don't Try Telling Us What Time It Is
  • Driving 500 Miles in a Circle Doesn't Make a Lot of Sense, Does It?
  • At Least We Don't Have to Worry About Ron Artest Anymore
  • We Apologize for Gary
  • Where Kentuckians Come to Drink
  • It's So Windy Here Because Ohio Sucks
  • Try Our Drive Through Liquor Stores
  • If You Can Read This, You're Not From Evansville
  • Peyton's Place

Feel free to play along at home, kids.


Reigning Frog said...

I vote for "Hoosier Momma?"

I don't know enough about Indiana to come up with any suggestions. (Hey, maybe that could be one?)

Kim said...

I'd love to play along but my home state of Idaho's slogan is "Famous Potatoes". I'm not really allowed to make fun of other states.

IF I were it might be something like, "The state that gave you Dan Quayle...and you took him! Suckers!"

Iwanski said...

Judging by the highways I've seen as I drive through, I'd propose:

"Corn 'n' Porn!"

t2ed said...

Iwanski, I think you've got those in the wrong order.