Friday, December 22, 2006

Just In Time

I finally found that perfect gift for my wife for Xmas. Yes, it's Buck the Animated, Signing Trophy Deer. And I would have posted a swell picture of it, but Blogger is being a pain in the arse right now.

Buck sings six different songs: Rawhide, Sweet Home Alabama, Friends in Low Places, Suspicious Minds, On the Road Again and La Grange. And he comes with a remote control and a microphone, so you can make Buck talk with your voice. Man, this is never going to get old after about 30 minutes.

Forget all that stuff I said about jewelry and romantic gifts. I'm sure she's going to love this.


foundme said...

This is so much better than if you family was walking around whispering, "He went to Jarrods!" She's so gonna put out!

Kim said...

You do realize you put "signing" instead of "singing", don't you?

I imagined your wife on Christmas morning so impressed with Buck doing Sweet Home Alabama in sign language.

Jurgen Nation said...

I so hope your wife reciprocates the love by buying you the reindeer costume seen in Better Off Dead.

Iwanski said...

For some weird reason, I want to buy that.

Kris said...

For some weird reason, I think I might already have one of these.

Happy weekend, you. Write something soon, and I promise to start returning emails now that I'm not hacking up lungs.


Kris said...

oh for crying out loud. what day is this? are we in 2008 yet?