Friday, November 10, 2006

Old Time Rock & Roll

Normally living in the hinterland doesn't lend itself to great concerts. Unless it's at the nearby clip joint (which tends to skew more toward the country crowd), it's at least a two hour drive to Detroit.

Luckily, Bob Seger is a local boy and giving a bit back to the farmers and musically deprived by playing in Saginaw tonight. The arena only holds about 7,000 so it's going to be an intimate evening with the man from K-k-k-k-k-k-katmandu. Yup, we're lucky enough ducks to score the second show on the tour.

And reviews from the debut in Grand Rapids say Bob is the hardest rocking 61 year old in the Midwest. Bob plays for more than 2 hours with multiple encores. Too bad the concert isn't sponsored by Chevy as payback for his long running Like a Rock song. Luckily it is sponsored by the Amigo.

And if you haven't scored his latest album, Face the Promise, it rocks. Providing you still like rock and roll that is. It's nice that someone still plays rock and roll.

I've always liked his faster stuff than the slow stuff. I'll confess to never really liking Turn the Page that much, but absolutely love Katmandu, Old Time Rock and Roll, Sunspot Baby, Hollywood Nights and too many to list here. Let's hope he plays a lot of the fast stuff.

And I've got to hit an inconvenience store (all the stuff is on really high shelves) and score a lighter for the encore. No holding up a cell phone for this boy. We're rocking old school tonight.

Rock and roll ,my brothers and sisters. Now put down that candlestick holder and quit dancing in your underwear just because your parents are out of town.


foundme said...

But I LIKE dancing in my underwear!

Have fun!

Wicked H said...

Rock On, my brother!

SarahReznor said...

sounds awesome! hope you rocked :)