Friday, June 24, 2005

TV + DVD = Hilarity

I'm not sure why, but some television shows are better on DVD than they are on television. It doesn't make sense, but if you sit and watch the shows back to back on the DVD release they're actually better than if you watched them when they were aired on television.

I've noticed this with both Arrested Development and Entourage. I actually think Arrested Development was funnier when I watched shows consecutively.

That being the case, I'm sure Saved By The Bell is going to be hilarious this time around. Next time you are in Best Buy look through the television section of the DVD's and notice how much shit is in there. Shows that aboslutely blew chunks are available for purchase. The DVD format must also be comedy enhancing even for truly crappy shows.

Why else would Airwolf be on DVD? I'm betting that's even funnier than the Anna Nicole Show. It's also kind of scary that Amazon suggests that if you like Anna Nicole, you'll also like The Simple Life. The horror....the horror.....

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Thank you, Mr. Kurtz.