Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Pod People

Slaving for the Ipod currently. I put something like 450 songs on the pod last weekend in preparation of my trip. I've still got three big stacks of cd's on my desk that I've got to pound in before Sat morn. Just grabbed stuff from the 6 shelves. Couldn't find any Hendrix, Michelle "Evil Gal" Wilson. Didn't get nearly enough Petty.

Hawaii for two weeks sounds good. Hawaii for two weeks with a fully loaded pod to keep from having to talk to anyone on the plane sounds better.

Also grabbed two Irish music cd's because I can't imagine what St. Patty's in the islands is like. Figured I'd need a musical fix to soothe the mick in me while I'm there.

Seriously cutting corners though. Last time I sifted through every album and didn't put in any song I didn't like. With that many CD's, I can afford to be picky. Last time I built play lists as I went and had all the Bruce and Southside Johnny in one list called Jersey Boys. Had an excellent work out list with all the funk and rhythym. Also an excellent party mix that I used to ride my bike to.

This time it's put in a cd, pick up a book, wait for the bing. Lather, rinse, repeat. Where will it all end?

I had a weird idea though that may be worth a short story. What if someone found someone's I-pod and fell in love with them? I think this may have been done with a planner or a briefcase or something. You could have the name of the person because of an inscription on the back. And the songs and playlists the person had would reveal more and more about the person. I don't know how they'd meet and you'd have all the tension about whether the person would be like you imagined. I don't know, maybe worth a shot. At least the soundtrack would rock.

So now if I really do lose my pod and someone finds it, they'll find all this Bob & Tom and Irish music and have me institutionalized.

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