Monday, March 28, 2005

Basketball Jones

Yesterday I spent Easter in a haze of mashmellow Peeps, beer and men's NCAA basketball. Despite the drama of a third game going into overtime, I survived.

The mighty, mighty Spartans survived double OT with the Kentucky mildcats to earn a trip to St. Louis and the Final Four.

If anyone can seriously doubt that college basketball is better than college football, they smoked their lunch. In basketball they play the games in a tournament rather than let coaches, computers and the media vote on who ought to be the champion.

Unfortunately, this means another anxiety filled weekend of college hoops. I don't know anyone who watches these games calmly. Everyone yells, curses, throws things, jumps up and down and really gets into it. The game just causes passion.

I think Seinfeld said it best, "You're just cheering for laundry." Loyalty based on colors and uniforms.

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