Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Paradise Found

There's a line in Ferris Bueller's Day Off where Matthew Broderick breaks the wall and talks about stealing the Ferrari to go into Chicago. He says, "If you have the means, I certainly recommend picking one up."

Just back from two weeks in Kona, da Big Island, Hawaii. If you have the means, I certainly suggest a trip there. For me, the means meant hoarding my frequent flyer miles until I could afford a first class ticket and scouring the web for a cheap condo.

It's amazing. Kona coffee roasting on the farms, waves crashing on the lava rock, palm trees waving in the wind, snorkeling every day with green sea turtles and spinner dolphins, watching whales breach and send water cascading into the air, hiking into rain forests and erupting lava the same day. You owe it yourself to go. And it's a long freaking haul from the East coast. You will be on planes seemingly forever and getting home is worse because of the time change. Just try to be drunk the whole time.

No 'puter time for me either. Didn't bring a laptop to post and didn't hit a net cafe to even check email.

I'll try to get my shit in gear and post some pix, but no promises.

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Kim said...

Welcome back!