Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time Is Not on My Side

I started a new job this week. Is it too soon to hate a job after less than 5 days? Okay, hate is a strong word, but I'm already over having to do the commuting thing for an hour each way. It wouldn't be that bad if traffic didn't suck during the Winter and driving in the absolute teeth of rush hour doesn't help either. And getting up at 5:00 am each day to be able to do this isn't on my short list of fun stuff either. So Initech better appreciate me showing up (on time) with a bright shining face each morn. This certainly can't last long. So it seems like I have no time right now. Thus the paucity of snarky blog posts.

We'll fix at least a little of that right now.

Reason # 327 why I love Utah. Yup, take a peek at this actual coupon from the sports section of the local paper.

Damn, I wish I could have found that swell coupon (even though it's not a Bluefly coupon) before Valentine's Day.

Because love means never having to say your gun is too loud.

Luckily you can head down there at 9:00 am and get your silencer on. So that early morning shooting spree won't disturb the neighbors. Especially when you let their dog have it for pooping in your yard.


Dunebuggy said...

I like reading your posts cuz I occasionally learn new words, paucity for example. Sorry your job sucks, I hope you at least have a red stapler. Do you have to wear flair?

kitkat said...

Nice Office Space reference.

I wonder about the people who wouldn't buy a silencer at full price. I mean, if that's all you're waiting for...

RoxRocks said...

But is the job okay? I mean, that is why you moved to the land of silencers and gun racks, isn't it? :)

Kim said...

I worry about the fact that you talk about hating your job and silencers in the same post.

t2ed said...

I don't think I hate my job, I hate that I can't teleport to my job. Somebody should get on that Star Trek transporter stuff already