Friday, June 15, 2007

Challenge Accepted

Because we've only had Paris' incarceration, freedom, re-incarceration and parental line jumping to distract us, morale is low. During this time of national torment, where is the media distraction we so desperately need. Paris is only acting dumb according to her collect call with Barbara Walters. And Paris has found the Lord. Better get right with Him yourself, dear reader.

Luckily, someone has stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge. And while the national news hasn't picked up on it yet, it's only a matter of time.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this woman, Sara White, may be the next runaway bride we need to get us out of our funk. Yes, Ms. White is engaged to be married. But she was going to go out on a date with a man she met on a phone chat line.

When she got cold feet about cheating on her fiancee, she faked her own kidnapping to cancel the date. Too bad her date called the cops. His bad.

"Basically, it was the only thing I could think of," Sara White said. Yeah, because that whole "I can't go out with you because I'm engaged to someone already" line never works.

Sara is still scheduled to get married next April. C'mon, Sara. The bus station can't be too far away from where you live and a ticket to Albuquerque is beckoning.

I'm not sure we're going to make it until next April though. Any chance you could make that a June wedding? We've still got 2 weeks left....


Chunks said...

The world is nuts I tell ya. Nuts.

Kate the Peon said...

What kind of stupid man is marrying her?

Misplaced said...

"We told her to hang on, that we are going to save her," said Sacramento police Sgt. Matt Young. "And all this time she is sitting in her living room."

WRONG!! All that time she was sitting in her living room text messaging me... and yes I got me a date!

latt├ęgirl said...

For reasons that elude me, I have had not one, but TWO dreams about Paris Hilton in the past couple of weeks. I am thinking about checking myself into a psychiatric facility.

t2ed said...

latte, I believe the technical term for those kind of dreams is "nightmare!"

No more spicy food before bed.